Growing Medicinal Herbs: From Seed to Harvest

Past Class

This course is designed to introduce farmers and gardeners to the cultivation of herbs chosen for each students growing conditions. We will cover propagation, planting, care and feeding, seed saving, harvesting, drying, and storing, all designed for optimum potency of the herbs. Information will be offered through talks and hands-on experience. Ideas and suggestions for value-added products, cottage industries, and where to market your herbs will be included.

The mission of this course is:

1) To increase the medicinal herbs grown in our County to meet the needs of local medicine makers, natural food stores, Farmers Markets, practitioners and apothecaries.

2) To help develop a regenerative local economy by creating income streams for farmers and gardeners.

3) For gardeners and farmers interested in growing medicinal herbs to make connections and network;  to come together in full appreciation and gratitude for herbs and their many gifts to us.


Class will be taught by Donna d'Terra with the addition of a guest teacher each class as follows:


Integrating Herbs into Your Food and Cannabis Garden with Amber and Casey O'Neill

This class will focus on diversification of food and Cannabis production by incorporating herbal allies, utilizing season extension, Integrated Pest Management and making on-farm fertilizers from herbs in your garden.

Soil Preparation for Medicinal Herbs with Ana Victoria Salcido-Cobbe

This experiential class will cover soil preparation for growing healthy, potent medicinal herbs. We will discuss annuals vs. perennials, soil health, special needs of medicinal herbs and more. Come ready to get your hands into the soil.


Chinese Medicinals from Seed to Clinic with Jessica Curl Rose

Jessica will discuss growing herbal medicine in the Coast and growing medicines that can be cultivated throughout  Mendocino County for the Chinese medicine market, including acupuncturists. From her experience as an herbalist and in herb production, she will talk about the process from seed to end product.


Herbal First Aid Medicines with Andy Taylor

Andy’s class will cover plants for a variety of first aid needs, the  form in which these plants are best used, how to cultivate these herbs, and ideas for making value-added products for home and market.


The Herbal Kitchen with KiOhmA

KiOhmA well demonstrates how to use herbs to support overall health and wellness on a daily basis in our meals, using herbs that are easily grown in most gardens. She will use traditional knowledge and her exceptional creativity to demonstrate  ways to use these herbs to create herbal products, using zero waste techniques.


Herbal Seed Saving with Jamie Chevalier

In this class you will learn to select, harvest, clean and store seeds, including considerations on choosing the Mother plant, assessing brightness and quality of seed, and harvesting timing and techniques.  Students will have the opportunity to use seed cleaning equipment to create seed that is pure and can be stored free of contaminants and ready for market, if desired.