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Lavender Distilling Class

September 17, 2022

Join us as we distill Motherland-grown Lavender into essential oil and hydrosol.

We will be using a traditional Copper Alembic Still. Learn how to set-up, prep, process and clean so when you are ready to try distilling yourself, you will have the skills needed.

The day will include:

~Hands on distilling of the lavender with KiOhmA.

~A tour of the Motherland Gardens.

~A brief, gentle and relaxing experience of Pilates and Standing Yoga with Gloria Sanchez-Jorgenson.

~A hydrosol sample to take home.

Instructor KiOhmA McCaffrey teaches hands-on herbal distillery as one of many classes taught on her 10 acre farm in the Central Valley at her herb school Central Valley Herbal Studies. Classes focus on beginning herbalism from a folk medicine perspective.

COST: $50.00

Class size is limited.

To register follow registration link below. You will receive a confirmation email with additional information.


Come join us on Saturday June 11, 2022 for a day in the Motherland Gardens. Perched on the South side of a steep hill, the Gardens offer beautiful vistas and contain native, naturalized and cultivated plants and trees that we use for food, medicine and crafts.

The day will include:

-A walk through the Gardens with information given on growing, harvesting and using specific plants.

-Hands-on harvesting of Calendula flowers and making an herbal oil to take home.

-Several native plants will be highlighted and discussed by Paul Ruiz-Lopez.

-A review of compost making with Iris Nally.

-A review of the equipment we use to make our Lavender essential oil and hydrosol with KiOhma McCaffrey.

-A walk to the Cobb Bench which was built with Motherland soil.

-A gift of free herb seeds.

Plant starts and medicinal herb tinctures made from the Garden's bounty will be for sale, as well as handmade crafts created by Motherland residents.

Your host will be Donna d'Terra, who is the Founder and Director of Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School, where classes and events have been offered since 1989.

When: June 11, 2022  10:30am to 3:30pm


Where: Motherland is located on String Creek Rd. 25 minutes NE of Willits. Carpooling, if possible, is requested.

Cost: Suggested donation is $40-$50. This is a fundraiser for community projects we are working on.

Space is limited. To register please call Donna at 707-459-5030 or email with the following information: name, mailing address and phone number. A registration form and map will be sent to you.

We look forward to sharing this day with you!

Please note: This Garden Tour is one of a series of tours offered this Summer, sponsored by The Elderbroads-weaving and mending community.

July 16- Green Uprising Farm in the Willits Valley. Space limited. 

Contact Sara 707-216-5549

August 13- Ridgewood Ranch: Golden Rule Gardens, New Agrarian Collective and Headwaters Meats.

Contact Eric 720-939-8173

August 13- Open House at Fortunate Farm in Caspar.

Contact Karin 707-937-2798

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