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-Teachers for Growing Medicinal Herbs: From Seed to Harvest-



Donna d'Terra is a life-long student of the plants.  She is Founder and Director of Motherland Herb School, where classes have been offered for the past 30 years with a focus on local, regenerative and sustainable herbalism.  Donna has a small herbal tincture business, Down-to-Earth Herbs, and an herbal plant start business, Motherland Medicinal Herbs.


Instructor Fonta Molyneaux is a mother of three, and Herbalist and Farmer living in the heart of Cascadia at Wild Everlasting Farm on a river in Oregon. She is the founder and director of Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts where she teaches a full spectrum of comprehensive classes on bioregional beekeeping with a focus on ecological knowledge. She is the current president of Lane County Beekeepers Association.

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KiOhmA McCaffrey, a Trauma informed Somatic Activated Healer, who teaches herbal distillery as one of the many classes taught on her 10 acre Lavender and Herb Farm in the Central Valley. There she offers classes that focus on teaching others how they can better help themselves from a Beginning Herbalism and Traditional Folk medicine perspective. She is a passionate, life-long herbalist with a focus on keeping herbal medicine alive and OF the people.


Suraya David-Sadira is herbalist, medicine maker, sustainability researcher, hormone health coach, and a forever student of the world. She grew up in Hawaii and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. is Sustainable Agriculture. She loves to bridge the physical and esoteric in a whole system approach that looks at life and experience as our biggest teacher. She spends her day working at a research farm, running  Ecosensuals her holistic hormone health practice and toxin free herbal home care and body product line.


Paul Ruiz-Lopez is a graduate of Humboldt State University where he received a degree in Botany. He is passionate about native plants, habitat restoration and wildlife conservation. He is interested in the role that community led groups can play in restoring and protecting natural resources and ecosystems.

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